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Legends of the South Pacific

This is a sixteen day cruise of discovery. This voyage includes primitive island cultures, exposure to mementos of World War II sites and some of the most incredible snorkeling available anywhere. This is a trip to learn, enjoy and discover new things. You will enjoy shore excursions, guest speakers, snorkeling and Zodiak excursions with experts. The ship only holds 120 guests in outside cabins so you will receive personal service your entire trip. This is a casual trip with jackets and ties being unnecessary.

What makes this trip special? You will visit some incredible islands who might only have visitors twice a year, from your ship. You will also visit historic WWII locations where artifacts are still available.


Lautoka is famous for sugar cane and beautiful blue Pacific water surrounding it. You will disembark at Fiji, Viseisei to enjoy a traditional Kava ceremony, enjoy the singing and dancing. Tour the Garden of the Giant before boarding the ship.

Day 2 - AT SEA

This is a day at sea to enjoy the experts and other people interested in the South Pacific. Or, you can simply kick back and enjoy the beautiful ocean.


You will take part in the Rom Dance at Ambrym. The islanders will be wearing colorful masks and cloaks made of dried banana leaves. The pounding, stomping and chanting will leave you mesmerized. You will also enjoy the lava lakes and misty jungle here. Some wonderful wood carvings are also available here.


There are four clan chiefs on the Tikopia, you must crawl to approach them out of respect. You will be able to watch men fish and women cook the same way they have for hundreds of years. Enjoy their dancing and a hike to a mountaintop crater lake.

Day 5 - AT SEA

Enjoy a relaxing day at sea and learn more about your next visits.


There are still relics available here from battles during the Pacific War in 1942-43. You can visit battlefields or snorkel and see a sunken Japanese freighter. This is all surrounded by beautiful white beaches and crystal clear lagoons.


Enjoy an inflatable Zodiak trip up an inlet several miles to Kia. You will follow a trail to the village center which was the home of headhunters. You will see women make tapa cloth from the mulberry tree. Enjoy the picturesque night time with water beneath stilted huts.

Day 8 - AT SEA

You will have a day at sea as you cross the Equator. Experts are available to give you information on your next stops.

Day 9 - AT SEA

As you cross the Equator and sail between islands, Experts are available to give you information on your next stops.


Visit the ruins of Nan Madol which is supposed to be over 700 years old. Enjoy the waterfall as you walk in the tropic forest of Pohnpei. You will find 40 types of birds, deer and reptiles here. You will enjoy an authentic lunch served on a giant leaf while watching for birds.

Day 11 - AT SEA

You will have a day at sea to relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean.


Chuuk was the Japanese Navy headquarters during World War II. Snorkel around a Japanese Destroyer and sea wreckage from Operation Hailstorm.


This is an eye opening experience where you can visit an island where the natives make long trips in outrigger canoes navigating by the stars. You will enjoy a traditional dance. This is a snorkeler's paradise.

Day 14 - IFALUK, YAP

Enjoy an amazing experience as you take a Zodiak trip to Ifaluk. The villagers will be singing and wearing shell necklaces, flowers and body paint. After the ceremonial dance you can snorkel in Ifaluk's shallow lagoon.


Enjoy some incredible snorkeling just off this .2 mile long island. The island is barely above sea level which makes it a great place for nesting birds. The snorkeling is also amazing.

Day 16 - GUAM, U.S.

On your last day you will enjoy Guam which is definitely influenced by the Spanish.

This would be a memorable location for someone who's family fought in World War II. But, even if you don't have a special interest in the war it is an incredible adventure to visit people who haven't been changed by 'civilization'. Hope you have the chance to make this trip.

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Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas
By Jenny Smith Platinum Quality Author

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Getting tattoo design ideas can help anyone find the perfect tattoo that reflects exactly who they really are. We are going to discuss some basic tattoo designs to help you get an idea of where to start and what to prepare for.

Tattoos are an undying symbol of who you are. They can help remind you of where you came from, where you are going, or who you want to be. They are a pure form of self expression and a representation of your inner self. Tattoos may tell a story or keep remembrance of a love one alive. Try to keep this in mind when you are figuring out which tattoo you would like. It is extremely important that you choose wisely.

Below are just a few basic styles of tattoos. The type of designs may help you spark some great tattoo ideas.

1. The Tribal Tattoo Design - Tribal Tattoo designs have its roots from early cave paintings. Many cultures from the Mayans and Aztecs to the early Egyptians used tribal tattoos. They have many meanings and represent a number of ideals. Tibal Tattoo Designs are great because they hold much deep inner meaning and can symbolize everything from strength to purity. There are literally thousands upon thousands of different kinds of tribal tattoo design ideas. Discover which one is right for you.

2. Celtic Tattoo Designs - Celtic Tatto designs are also one of the most famous kinds of tattoos. Celtic Tattoos symbolize the celtic genre and are often a very intricate weave as with all celtic designs. Most often seen is the Celtic Cross tattoo. Celtic tattoos are a great tattoo idea and there are literally unlimited choices for the kind of tatt idea you are looking for.

3. Zodiak Tattoo Designs - Zodiak tattoos are also extremely popular. Zodiak tattoos are a great symbol of who we are. Those who practice and follow astrology often find this style of tattoo a winner. Whether your looking for a Pisces tattoo, a Leo tattoo or an a Gemini tattoo everyone can find a style that they can relate too.

4. Japanese Tatto Designs - Japanese tattoo designs and other kinds of oriental tattoos are often popular in the west as well. Oriental tattoos are stylish and can represent something that no one else (unless they are oriental) may understand. Japanese tattoos make great tattoo ideas and can be very beautiful.

5. Dragon Tattoo Designs - Dragon Tattoos can represent anything from strength to luck. Dragon tatts are great and beautiful and have its place in history as well. These style of tatts are culturally defining and look very exotic. This is a great choice for a tattoo idea.

Whichever style of tattoo design you are looking for, make sure it is what fits you exactly. Tattoos are long-term and will follow you wherever you go. It is a great idea to make sure you choose wisely and invest time in to deciding which one is right for you.

Visit our site to get 1000's of Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo Sketches or to find a Tattoo Parlor near you.

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Selasa, 16 Desember 2008


Apakah zodiak dapat dipercaya?

Senin, 15 Desember 2008


Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

gambar zodiak dari abab ke-16
Zodiak (dari kata Yunani Zoodiacos Cyclos yang artinya Lingkaran Hewan) adalah sebuah sabuk khayal di langit dengan lebar 18° yang berpusat pada lingkaran ekliptika[1], tetapi istilah ini dapat pula merujuk pada rasi-rasi bintang yang dilewati oleh sabuk tersebut, yang sekarang berjumlah 13. Dipercaya awal mula konsep ini berasal dari peradaban Lembah Sungai Eufrat kemungkinan hanya dengan enam rasi, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricornus, dan Pisces, yang kemudian dipecah menjadi 12 karena penampakan tahunan 12 kali Bulan purnama pada bagian-bagian berurutan dari sabuk tersebut[2].

[sunting] Lingkaran Ekliptika
Di bola langit terdapat garis khayal yang disebut dengan lingkaran ekliptika. Jika diamati dari bumi, semua benda tatasurya (planet, Bulan dan Matahari) beredar di langit mengelilingi lingkaran ekliptika. Keistimewaan dari keduabelas zodiak dibanding rasi bintang lainnya adalah semuanya berada di wilayah langit yang memotong lingkaran ekliptika. Jadi dapat disimpulkan zodiak adalah semua rasi bintang yang berada disepanjang lingkaran ekliptika. Rasi-rasi bintang tersebut adalah:
Capricornus: Kambing laut, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 21 Jan - 16 Feb (26 hari)
Aquarius: Pembawa Air, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 16 Feb - 11 Mar (24 hari)
Pisces: Ikan, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 11 Mar - 18 Apr (38 hari)
Aries: Domba, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 18 Apr - 13 Mei (25 hari)
Taurus: Kerbau, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 13 Mei - 22 Jun (40 hari)
Gemini: Si Kembar, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 22 Jun - 21 Jul (29 hari)
Cancer: Kepiting, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 21 Jul - 10 Ags (20 hari)
Leo: Singa, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 10 Ags - 16 Sep (37 hari)
Virgo: Gadis Perawan, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 16 Sep - 31 Okt (45 hari)
Libra: Timbangan, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 31 Okt - 23 Nov (23 hari)
Scorpius: Kalajengking, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 23 Nov - 18 Des (25 hari)
Sagitarius : Si Pemanah, Matahari berada di depan rasi ini selama 18 Des - 21 Jan (34 hari)

[sunting] Zodiak dan Astrologi
Astrologi adalah ilmu yang menghubungkan antara gerakan benda-benda tatasurya (planet, bulan dan matahari) dengan nasib manusia. Karena semua planet, matahari dan bulan beredar di sepanjang lingkaran ekliptik, otomatis mereka semua juga beredar di antara zodiak. Ramaalan astrologi didasarkan pada kedudukan benda-benda tatasurya di dalam zodiak.
Seseorang akan menyandang tanda zodiaknya berdasarkan kedudukan matahari di dalam zodiak pada tanggal kelahirannya. Misalnya, orang yang lahir awal desember akan berzodiak Sagittarius, Karena pada tanggal tersebut Matahari berada di wilayah rasi bintang Sagittarius. Kedudukan Matahari sendiri dibedakan antara waktu tropikal dan waktu sideral yang menyebabkan terdapat dua macam zodiak, yaitu zodiak tropikal dan zodiak sideral. Sebagian besar astrologer Barat menggunakan zodiak tropikal.

[sunting] Referensi
^ Voigt, Hans-Heinrich (1974). Outline of astronomy volume I. Leyden: Noordhoff International Publishing.
^ Allen, Richard H. (1936). Star-names and Their Meanings. New York: G. E. Stechert & Co..
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